Places of Importance in Seattle


• Elysium: Haven Nightclub is a vast and decadent meeting place where Prince Gavin holds court. Well secured, there is also a small area to socialize open all the time.

• Elysium, social: The Rouge, a very emo/punk bar that is home to many Seattle grunge type bands and also a huge seating area to socialize. It is owned by the Daeva Fransisco Valdez (BP: 3, Invictus).

• The Feeding Rack: Pioneer Square and the entire region are the preferred feeding sites and kindred are encouraged to feed from here, though no crime may be committed and the Masquerade is adhered to here very strictly. Patrolled by the Pines, a group of Ventrue guardians and ghouls in the area.

• Pinespire Estates: Prince Gavins vast estates located outside of the city well patrolled and well armed.


Places of Importance in Seattle

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