Jason Bourne

Childe of Junfan, Disciple of the Black Mask


6’1, 180 lbs
Sandy hair, blue eyes

Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Disciples of the Black Mask
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Concept: ex-CIA Operative

Jason has an athletic build and has the precise movements of someone trained in paramilitary operations. He seems very alert and intelligent in his interactions, yet somehow distant.


Jason does not remember most of his past. In fact, he’s pretty sure Jason isn’t his original name. He has found however that he was once a member of the CIA, or possibly other covert spy organization, most likely U.S. During his search for the truth, he was instead found by a being of unspeakable power, Junfan. Junfan was intrigued by his martial abilities and the fact that a movie was made about his amensia. If only the ending had been true for him, Hollywood style. Now Jason is learning all he can while absorbing his new existence, having been brought into the world of power hosted by Junfan. People sometimes confuse him for a man known as Matt Damon, perhaps a clue to his past. During his post-CIA travels, he met a woman (Marie) and they really gelled as they both sought the truth about him. She was later assassinated with a bullet meant for Jason. During the continuing search for Marie’s killer he met another former CIA operative, Nicolette, who has used her unique knowledge and skills to try and help him. After Jason’s embrace, he ghouled Nicolette and she has continued to help him with complete loyalty, despite the lack of romantic involvement.

At the behest of Junfan, Jason has established a base of operations within the city of Seattle and is currently undertaking measures to find out all he can about kindred society there. His own plans are always in the back of his mind but secondary to his dedication to the Disciples.
p(oembed). Jason fights an assassin.

Jason Bourne

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