Gavin Masterson

Prince Regent of Seattle


Gavin is a very laid back kindred, though he exudes a quiet confidence.


Gavin was born in the year 1875 in jolly London. He was an eager initiate into the secret cultures of London Society such as the Rosicrucians and the Golden Dawn . He was personally mentored by Macgregor Mathers. In the year 1904 he was embraced by a powerful Invictus Ventrue named Arthur Edward Waite and was taken into the shadow world of the kindred. He entered into the vampiric world of Victorian era London, and then eventually became disenfranchised and went on a spirit quest to the east. His journey took him all the way to Japan where he really delved into his Invictus nature and created quite a name for himself as the Gaijin. He also became great allies with the Burakumin. As World War II ended and Japan was decimated, Gavin then fled to the land of the victors, America. He found a home in Seattle. At that time a new movement, the Carthians was formed. Seattle was under the leadership of the Council of Five, without a head. With shrewd maneuvering Gavin took over and convinced the council that he should be a deciding vote, and ever since, he has assumed more and more power. Finally in the 1970’s his greatest opportunity came. The Yakuza and Burakumin had arrived, and with them came technology. Gavin found a group of nerds and began blood bonding them. In time, Microsoft was born. With this huge and vast network Gavin has taken a roll in the world scene, and his spy network can stretch into any computer he wishes. Though he still has a huge nemesis in the Mekhet Diego Cortes, he still rules the city with an iron fist. Gavin has some allies amongst the Mages and Uratha but believes them to be below notice and so he carefully cultivates these contacts only so far as he can control them.

Gavin Masterson

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