Gary Banestriker

Primogen of Clan Gangrel


A hardcore roughneck, was a Mongol and continues to live amongst them, after embracing a few of them.


Gary was born to a Uratha mother and a Wolf Blooded father. The hope was that Gary would turn, but as puberty became adulthood it never happened. Gary was Wolf Blooded, but seen as weak and something of an enigma. He was kicked out of Uratha Society. This is when his sire, “The Feral One”, found him and embraced him. He was left with no tutelage as his sire scurried back into the wilderness. Through his network, Gavin found him and began teaching him of his nature and setting him up with the local Gangrel. The Gangrel clan rallied behind him almost immediately as he was wolf blooded. Though his gifts diminished he still tells others they are there and has learned Auspex to mimic his abilities.

Gary Banestriker

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