Seattle, Vampires at the crossroads of East and West

Kinsai Conflict

at lake house, just got black lotus dropped by kinsai, going to Hachi House

The War of East and West

Vampire Seattle

Prince Gavin has had a falling pin with yakuza boss twins yuri & yuki and has called in the rarest of the rare; a kalisti.

Gavin must break the bonds with all yakuza and burakumin, including the shoji bloodline of the drunken samurai. He must also end all their secret ties to Boeing and Microsoft, as well as the plot by tagahashi to blood bond via Starbucks

At the same time Gavin has reached out to the triad and found junfan and seeks aid against the yakuza kindred and so the disciples of the black mask join the city

Yuri befriends the pure and brings in Shinto sages as Gavin unites the forsaken by giving up capital hill and grants a boon to the magister abraxis seek spire

The stage is set the war of shadows has begun, can the ties be broken before they are manipulated?

Beginnings in the Emeral City circa October 2011

It was an interesting beginning for the rag tag group of kindred that joined together. Some were determined to try to integrate, others were seemingly bent on chaos and wanton destruction. At Elysium our kindred showed their face and met the upper Echelon of the city. Perhaps they had not noticed the strong presence of the Japanese kindred, regardless, some made a strong impression on Prince Gavin, while others became one with the wall. It remains to be seen what happens here. With orders for the dissolution of the Throne, our kindred have their work cut out for themselves.



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